36 Rolls of Buff/Brown Packing/Packaging Tape Extra Length 50mmx150m Sellotape

36 Rolls of Buff/Brown Packing/Packaging Tape Extra Length 50mmx150m Sellotape
City: Manchester
Last visit: 20 Jul 2014
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Posted: 20 Jul 2014


Buy in confidence over 4500 rolls already sold


6 Rolls - £4.00

12 Rolls - £7.00

36 Rolls - £18.00

72 Rolls - £32.00 inc free tape gun

Tape guns sold separately at £5.00 each

This is a good quality tape, not like some the rubbish out there

Bonus Tape is a premium quality packaging tape with a difference. Thousands of users have voted Bonus Tape the best packaging tape by switching to it from regular 66m packaging tape.

These are 150m long x 50mm

What is the secret? Brilliantly simple, Bonus Tape has a smaller core than standard tape, allowing over twice the length to be wound onto each roll of tape. The benefits are instantaneous.

Switch to Bonus Tape today to save time, money and reduce your impact on the environment.

Bonus Tape saves time

Bonus Tape saves space

Bonus Tape reduces waste

Bonus Tape reduces storage requirements

Bonus Tape cuts down on transport costs

Bonus Tape protects the environment by cutting down on energy needed, by reducing the waste stream and by using less raw material in production

With the net result: you save money!

"The green option, Preserving the environment-protecting your products"

Product Specification

Measurements: 50mm x 150m Roll

Colour: Brown

Core: 38mm

Order 72+ rolls and get a free Bonus Tape Gun

If you require any further details please do not hesitate to contact me.

Available for collection in Manchester & Warrington

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