C#(Asp net mvc),Java,Php..All levels of tuition available,Programming,course work,freelance projects

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Posted: 17 Apr 2014


We can provide tuition or training in all computer science subjects, whether they are related to programming, network, databases or algorithms.

We can also help you in your projects, advice and guide will be given for the students who needed.

We can provide you hands on experience in programming on three levels


A person who wants to learn programming but always have a fear of it. whether its errors or logical issues you had in past but now you don’t need to worry we will help you and guide you how to get fun in programming


A person who have basic knowledge of programming and can work in one language but don’t know who to improve his skills and what area he needs to improve


A person who is champion programmer and can create projects on his / her will but does not have industry experience. We can give hands on industry experience and can prepare him for interviews for job and placements

When we say programming, we don’t talk about specific language, we can make you expert in any language

major languages we cover are dotNet(All major dot net languages, c vb.net, f Java, PHP, objective -c(iphone c, c and many more

Also we can give you hands on experience on some technologies like

WCF(webservicesWPF,ASp dot net mvc, jquery, ASp dot net mvc Web Api ,IOS etc

Agile methodologies(Scrum Unit testing and integration testing(mockingDependency Injection

Overall, we can let you help in your journey of loving computer science