Manchester Drawing & Painting Atelier

Manchester Drawing & Painting Atelier
City: Manchester
Last visit: 26 Mar 2014
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Posted: 26 Mar 2014


The MDPA Art classes consist of one 2 hour session per week on an ongoing basis by individual appointment. While this is primarily a one-to-one tuition course, groups of 2-3 students are also welcome to book sessions which are given from a spacious, light studio space in Newton Heath, Manchester.

The program of study will be arranged between the tutor and student, based on the student's initial skill level and subject preference.

Though the course is flexible to suit the interest of each student, a typical study progression will usually consist of the following stages:

- Traditional drawing techniques based on real-life observation, and sketching for composition planning.

- Tonal Painting with a limited palette (grisaille) intended as 'bridge' between the practice of drawing and painting and in order to make the student familiar with the application of light and shade.

- Oil painting with an wider palette, to introduce the student to colour balance and the layering of glazes to perform a complete painting.

Further progression of course study will be devised in accordance to the individual student's subject interests, and may include areas such as concept based Art, mixed media, Art Theory or advanced oil painting techniques. Written handouts relevant to specific programs of study are also included. Please call for details.

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