Old looking, retro-bricks, price: 0,49 EUR/pc.

Old looking, retro-bricks, price: 0,49 EUR/pc.
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Posted: 29 Sep 2017


Our machine-pressed clay bricks are the ideal alternative to the historical demolition clay bricks; size of about 10x5x2,6 inches /250×120×65 mm; color: brick-red colorful (orange, brick red, dark red, flamed).

The offered clay bricks have traditionally been burnt in the historic ring kiln. Very good quality - surface: with antique look - typical for old historical bricks.

The old looking bricks look like original old, historical demolition bricks, but without lime veil and white lime traces on the surface.

After the brickwork in the historic ring kiln, the clay bricks are still mechanically worked (rolled in a drum) to give the surface of the clay bricks used look optics.

The antique optics clay bricks are sorted and packed on pallets.

On the 1 container (about 53.000 lbs/24.000 kg) are 20 pallets x 324 pcs. per pallet.

1 pallet = 324 pcs. (2900 lbs/1300 kg)

Minimum order: 7 pallets x 324 pcs. - price: 0,60 EUR / pcs, net ex works.

By order of 1 container - brick price is: 0,55 EUR/pcs., net ex works

By order of 3 container - brick price is: 0,49 EUR/pcs., net ex works

The clay brick parameters:

• Compressive strength: 15 N / mm2

• Water absorption: approx. 10%

• Density: 1.8 kg/dm3

• frost-resistant

• Brick use for 1 sqm facade: 54 pcs. at the joint of 1 cm.

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