Roberts Ecologic 4 . DAB . FM . Radio

Roberts Ecologic 4 . DAB . FM . Radio
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The Ecologic 4 offers 150 hours battery life, which is five times more than other DAB radios on the market, so you'll need to purchase batteries less often. Alternatively the radio can be operated via the mains and has a reduced level of power consumption. Save money and the environment with the Ecologic 4. Available in contemporary black with blue backlight, it features stereo speakers as well as separate Bass and Treble controls which means the quality of produced sound is of an extremely high standard. Twenty station presets means you are never far away from your chosen or favourite radio station. Extremely portable owing to it's sturdy handle and battery operation this is one of the most popular digital radios on the market.

Technical Details

Up to 150 hours battery life

FM/DAB/DAB+ wavebands

FM RDS station name display

20 station presets

Easy to read 16 x 2 character LCD display

Menu display / selection of all major functions

Search / Manual tuning

Automatic clock set

Rotary tone and volume controls

Up/down tuning buttons

Headphone socket

Batteries 6 x LR20/D size ( new & included)

Line out socket


Size (mm) 295(w) x 165(h) x 115(d).

Weight 2 kg

Available in black

What is DAB Radio ?

DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting, this is a way of broadcasting radio digitally via a network of transmitters. It provides listeners with more choice, better sound quality and more information.

More Choice

Because of the way DAB technology works, broadcasters can transmit many more stations than ever before. Listeners in most major towns and cities in the UK can receive between 30 and 50 radio stations with a digital radio, in many cases that's more than double what's available on analogue. Because digital radio uses the spectrum more efficiently than analogue, it is possible to broadcast more channels using the same frequency, making room for broadcasters to expand their station portfolios.

Less Noise

DAB digital radio delivers improved sound quality. The technology allows the receiver to lock on to the strongest signal it can find and ignore everything else. This eliminates the hiss, crackle and fade so familiar on analogue radio.

Ease of Use

A DAB digital radio will tune to a station at the touch of a button. No more fine tuning a station to get the best reception. A DAB set allows the listener to scroll through a list of available stations by name - then tune in by pressing the 'select' button.

More Information

Have you ever heard a song on the radio and wanted to know who it is by or what it's called? Or tuned into speech radio and wanted to know what the programme is about or who is speaking? Digital Radios have a screen which can show text information transmitted by the radio station. Some stations send information about latest news, sports scores, what's on now and next, website address and phone numbers. Some radios offer an option to view the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) which shows listings information for some stations. It is also possible to Pause rewind and record live radio.


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