Self-Employed driver for Fuel Fixer UK wanted now!!

City: Manchester
Last visit: 15 Feb 2014
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Posted: 15 Feb 2014


The position in question is a self-employed mobile fuel drain technician contracted to our company. Our company offers emergency response mobile fuel drains for people who have put the wrong fuel in their cars.

You will be required to attend customers’ vehicles whenever and wherever they are in your coverage area and siphon out the contaminated fuel, clear the fuel lines and get the vehicle restarted.

The work coming into the company is primarily from two sources – internet and referrals from petrol stations. The company will be responsible for all internet marketing but it is up to the successful applicant to saturate the local petrol stations with referral cards (carding We currently have a technician already doing this in the North London area but he will soon be relocating.

Additional duties will include carding at specified portions of the day to achieve the above.

We currently have arrangements with our other technicians that they are on 5 or 6 days a week. They are carding between 10am and 4pm unless on a fuel drain job. The remainder of these days they are free to do as they wish but are on-call 24hours a day. They have either 1 or 2 days per week completely off (depending on their situations

Bear in mind that being on-call can mean being sent out to do a job at any time, day or night, while on-call. Due to this the hours of work are very irregular and somewhat anti-social.

It is our experience that this type of lifestyle is generally more suitable for individuals who do not have responsibilities at home.

The salary is purely commission-based. The more jobs you do the higher the wage. As an indication of this our current technicians earn between £300 and £700 per week – but weekly wages of in excess of £1,000 are not unheard of.

If your application is successful we will undertake to train you as a fuel drain technician. Additionally you will be supplied with all the equipment necessary to perform the job.

You will begin under a probationary period of four weeks where your wage will be £300 per week. It is during this time that you will be expected to learn how to do the job and start to saturate your coverage area with referral cards which will bring in your work. Once this period is over you will be moved onto a commission-based salary of a percentage of the drainage fee paid by each job. It is expected that by this time the internet marketing and your efforts in saturating the area will be producing at least 10 jobs per week which should enable you to be earning in excess of £400 per week.

Obviously as you will be technically self-employed you will be responsible for such matters as NI contributions, self-employed income tax, etc.

If you are still interested in pursuing your application I have a few further question for you:

· Do you hold a full, clean UK driver’s license?

· As you will be on the road the majority of the time it is obviously important that there is no drug (medicinal or otherwise) or alcohol use which would affect your ability to legally drive or operate heavy equipment.