Two Top Sellers Wanted in Swinton Area and Freelancers selling accross the country

Two Top Sellers Wanted in Swinton Area and Freelancers selling accross the country
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Posted: 24 Jul 2014


Thanks for looking - have a think about it this could be a life changing opportunity for you, why not keep the job you have now and sell our product as a freelancer. our product sells to small and medium sized businesses how many of those do you deal with every day? Smile and say hello and ask. Start the conversation. We are looking for as many Freelancers as we can get.

You do not have to work for us, you can work with us from home anywhere in the UK on a freelance basis. You can earn the same commissions so, if you have sales experience or not and would like to work from home anywhere in the UK and make up to £160.00 to £250.00 per deal - Contact us now.

Become a top performer for us and we will increase your commission up to a maximum of 25 provide you with a company car and reduce your working week to 4 working days and have 3 day weekends to spend your money and have fun.

We reward success.

Bottom line for the TWO full time positions, 35 hours per week, sell advertising/marketing product to local businesses, top commission is 16% which could see you earning up to £160.00 per deal. Do 10 deals a day you could get £1600.00.

We are a start-up company and are looking for TWO Account Executives to sell our products. Experience is not required so if you can walk the walk and talk the talk you could be on a base income of £7.00 per hour plus commission rates from 8% to 16% depending on deal type.

On cold sales you could be receiving 16% commission. If you sell on target you could pick up £160.00 per deal. Initially we will be looking for you to hit 10 deals per day so that is £1,600.00 per day!

You will be backed up by a Client account manager to help you manage existing client accounts and find new accounts.

Our on target earnings figures for Account Executives is £80,000.00 per annum plus. When you hit £90,000.00 per year earnings, you will be eligible for a company car. Flexible working is available, if required, and your life work balance is a high priority for us.

Whatever our Account Executives need to hit £120,000.00 plus income per year is our priority.

As we are a start-up we will be paying your income one week in arrears for the next 6 months so you get your hands on your money every week from week two. After 6 months we will change over to monthly payments.

Are you available now and want a challenge? If you can sell and provide excellent service to our clients then contact us NOW. We may be paying low hourly rates but when it comes to commission payments there could be a big pot of money waiting for you.

If you would like to work on a commission only basis from home (UK Wide Opportunity) or from our office in Swinton or mixture of both please contact us. Selling our product is not difficult and we are happy to reward sales with generous commissions. A Phone, internet and a computer is all you need to have to start as a commission only team member.

Selling our product is a good way to top up your income, contact us to work for however many hours you want per week on a commission only basis. With cold call deals you could be picking up £160.00 per deal.

"This account manager position is still open but we have had a couple of really good CV's and spoken with the applicants on the phone and they sound like they tick all the boxes so if you want to go for this position do it - but the competition is going to be tough."

We are also looking for ONE Client account manager. You do not need to sell but you will benefit from being paid sales commission on your Account Executives sales. Typically on each deal you will be paid an additional 3% commission on each sale. Your basic income will be £7.00 per hour topped up by 3% from the sales commission pot.

You will be looking after two Account Executives getting 3% on their deals, if they are hitting targets you could be picking up £30.00 per deal, ten deals per day that’s £300.00 per day bonus and that is not a maximum. If the team works well you could be looking at getting commission on 20 to 30 deals a day. If you can handle more Account Execs then you can pick up a share of more deals.

If you can assist and organise two or more account executives so they are selling and you are looking after the client care then this could be a very rewarding position.

Please Note All figures do not deduct your Tax and National insurance payments so chill a big chunk of your money will go in deductions but you will still be doing very nicely.

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